Why I Love Teaching

Posted on September 11, 2015


Yesterday was the third day of school, and before first hour, I saw one of my Freshman students in the hall. She beamed at me and said, “ms. eddy, I can’t WAIT for English class today!”

This is why I love teaching.

At lunch time, she was back, with a friend. She introduced us and told her friend, “You’re going to love ms. eddy.”

Then she asked me if I remembered a certain alumnus, and I said that I did. She told me how much the former student had told her about me and about how she was excited to meet me because of the good things she had heard about me.

I love teaching because in this profession, I am empowered to create a safe and welcoming space where teens can find acceptance, comfort, encouragement, and ultimately, empowerment. My classroom is a place where students can find, develop, and raise their voices. Students know that I will work with them and for them, and they appreciate it. And I appreciate them. I LOVE seeing them come into their own powers and using them for positive actions in their lives and communities. This is why I love teaching.

Atlanta & Rachel, 2015

Atlanta & Rachel, 2015