Photo Essay: Artifact Analysis

Posted on June 17, 2017


Artifact analysis is a big part of teacher research. As I was working on analyzing artifacts, I remembered that when I started doing teacher research, I wasn’t really sure what the term “artifact” meant.

Since this series is in part a demonstration of the research process for teachers who are new to T-R, I thought I should demonstrate the process of gathering artifacts.

I put together this slide show (in link below) to demonstrate what we mean by “artifact,” and to show some of the ways that I’m thinking about them as I gather my artifacts.

Photo Essay: Artifact Analysis

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Also, for beginning teacher researchers, here are the two titles that members of our EMWP Teacher Research group recommend most often to help someone get started.

The Art of Classroom Inquiry by Ruth Shagoury Hubbard & Brenda Miller Power

What Works? A Practical Guide for Teacher Research by Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater and Bonnie S Sunstein