Around the Loom I Go! A Knitting Yarn

Posted on December 9, 2018


My pursuit of warm scarves in colors of my choice leads me to take up a hobby–that brings me back around to the topic of my research for the past 4 years: mindfulness!

Click on this LINK to read a journal about my 1st year of knitting on a loom. As often happens with subjects in my teacher research, my interest in knitting began to converge with my research into mindfulness. I’ve discovered that an activity that has given me great pleasure turns out to be something that several of my students find worthwhile immediately. I want to help them get going, so I wrote a narrative with photos of my projects and instructional videos that I used to make them. I also write a bit about the mindfulness-knitting connection and provide some links.

I put photos in the document, and I don’t have the time to properly insert them into a blog post, so I’m using the link. I want to post this quickly for students who are ready to get started making scarves and hats.