I Got A Round Tu-it!

Posted on June 19, 2019


I am enjoying having the time to get to a lot of projects that would get done, “when I get around to it,” and that time has come! Along with gardening and other yard work, I’ve been getting around to making my drum station more user-friendly. I’m delighted with the way a few nails and cup hooks transformed a $5 book shelf. It allows me to appreciate the instruments visually, as well as sonically. Check it out.

I can reach everything from my drum throne: guiro, cowbell, horn, tissue, rattles, tambos, triangles, cds, megaphone, stereo, come on, let’s go! Let’s play some music!

Along with music, I have a passion for the outdoors and camping. I grew up in my dad’s homemade motor homes, traveling the country for 4-6 weeks each summer. He converted a “short bus” first, when there were five children aboard. Later, when he had more money, he converted a full-size school bus. Finally, with only my sister and me at home, he converted a Greyhound bus (image above is his business card). Going on the road with Eddy was “glamping,” not camping, but I started tent camping in the back yard at seven, and in state parks in my teens. I love Camping so much that I spent one summer teaching it. I had a bed in a cabin at Dr. Johnson’s Camps in Raymond, ME, but I rarely saw it; my job was taking a group of girls to a state park to learn how to camp in tents and cook on a fire, six nights per week.


Because I was also water certified, I was able to bring a teensy bit of gender equality to the camp–once. For as long as anyone could remember, the boys in DJ’s camps were taken on a white-water tubing trip each summer, but girls had never gone. My presence in the Tripping Dept. meant that GIRLS could go white-water rafting! Hooray! The directors allowed ONE group, the oldest girls, to go. It was a baby step, because all the boys got to go. I do not believe the camp began a practice of tubing for all campers as a result of the very successful and enjoyable time the girls had on the river, but it happened once!

Back on Track

So, I bought a camper a couple of years ago, but it turns out that the physical demands to attach & settle the thing are beyond my physical capacity, so I need to sell it…

So I’ve been dreaming of a full-size van which I, like my dad!, can convert to a camper, but I haven’t found it yet. In the mean time, I’ve been working on making my tiny Toyota into a camper I can enjoy. It’s perfect for a weekend if the weather’s nice, and I don’t have to sleep in the van, but when I have to sleep or hang out in there, it feels like an MRI machine after about an hour. I have been thinking of ways to use the space more efficiently, so I can ride out bad weather in comfort. It’s not a Greyhound, but I’m a retired TEACHER, not TEAMSTER! (LOL! My father accumulated far more wealth as a high school drop-out than I could as a Master-degreed educator of 25-years!)

My friend, Jim Emmert, has a full-size van that he converted that is just perfect, so I’m basically following his plan. See the process in the photo series below.

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I’m thankful that my parents, Vera & Lyle, raised me “on the road.”


With my folding camp kitchen, sun shade, and tent, I’m ready to hit the open road!