Finding Old Friends in the Archive

Posted on January 31, 2020


20200130_100047-2I’ve finally finished organizing The Archive, the collection of crates that holds the artifacts relating to the history of my academic, teaching, and writing careers–going back to my first published book of poetry! Look!


(I even filled the first 2 pages and left the remaining six empty, as I would many subsequent attempts at collecting my poems…)


Another fun discovery was an early antiracist reading list from 1975. Alright then!


I even saved the owner’s manual from my parent’s stereo!20200130_100009-1


Why? I guess because I was really affected by the records played on it–and I remember hearing “Fire” from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown blaring from it, while my brother, who is 13 years older than me, laid in front of the speaker so the music blasted into his ears when the parents were gone. That song both scared the shit out of AND delighted me. I will always love it! Seeing the video now, I am cracking up over my own KISS fandom, which would be followed by my child’s love of Marilyn Manson! Loving costumed goth-rockers goes way back in this family, people!

…And now, something for which I must apologize! I found, much to my chagrin, that I had not kept my word to my retiring colleague, Madame Moll…I’m sorry, Madame…

You see, when she retired a couple of years before me, she was cleaning her own teaching archive and found an old French project by our shared former student, Lindsey. I told her that I saw Lindsey often at the library, and that I’d pass it on to her…

But then I put it in my own classroom, and it got mixed in with my own school stuff and carried home when I retired. 20200116_125728-1

Now, I’m pleased as punch to announce that I have kept my word and reunited Lindsey with her French project from high school! It was so much fun to show up, ask her to close her eyes and hold out her hands for a surprise, and place this historical artifact upon them.

She cracked up! We hugged; we laughed…and then, paging through it, Lindsey remarked, “I can’t read this! It’s all in French!”

Good times! Look at that smile! The Archive brings me so much joy!

The Archive, in all its organized glory, currently numbers 59 crates. It makes me so happy. Watch this site for more anecdotes from archive dives. Peace & Love, friend.

Thanks for reading.