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Posted on March 20, 2020


We know that the Federal government is not leading the way on the response to the pandemic. While I am glad that Michigan’s Governor Whitmer is being proactive, more needs to be done. It appears that on the federal level, we, the People, need to lead–to put pressure on our representatives in government to do ALL they can to save the most lives.

Even while trapped at home, we can help. One thing we can do is petition the government for a “Suppression Hammer” strategy.

The experiences of South Korea and Singapore show that the “Hammer” of suppression is our best hope for responding to the Corona virus pandemic. The justification for this type of response and petition can be found in “Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance: What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like, if Leaders Buy Us Time” by Tomas Pueyo.

When you’re done reading the article, this is what you’ll take away:

Our healthcare system is already collapsing.
Countries have two options: either they fight it hard now, or they will suffer a massive epidemic.
If they choose the epidemic, hundreds of thousands will die. In some countries, millions.
And that might not even eliminate further waves of infections.
If we fight hard now, we will curb the deaths.
We will relieve our healthcare system.
We will prepare better.
We will learn.
The world has never learned as fast about anything, ever.
And we need it, because we know so little about this virus.
All of this will achieve something critical: Buy Us Time.

This article follows Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now, an article with over 40 million views translated into over 20 languages describing the urgency of the Coronavirus problem.

The article is long and full of graphs that illustrate the outcomes of different responses to the pandemic. I’m convinced that we need the “Hammer.”

Please join me in signing this petition:

Buy Us Time to Fight the Coronavirus and Save Millions of Lives with a Hammer-and-Dance Suppression Strategy 

The petition states: Our healthcare system is collapsing. It will only get worse. Mitigation—“flattening the curve”—isn’t enough. We must buy time to fight the coronavirus.

Only suppression—immediate and tough social distancing measures in all areas with infections—can prevent millions of deaths and allow medics, scientists, academics and policymakers to learn how to respond.

Some may hesitate to bring down the “hammer” now because they fear the outbreak will resume as soon as we ease social distancing. But South Korea, Singapore and China showed that 3-8 weeks of suppression can get the virus under control. After that, it’ll be an ongoing “dance” to keep the virus from breaking out again until vaccinations arrive. A Hammer-and-Dance strategy is the best way to save lives and minimize economic damage.

On Another Note

One thing that I hope we, as Americans, learn from this experience: we need to get serious about SCIENCE in public education. American public schools have sacrificed a tremendous amount of actual teaching and learning to focus on standardized testing. One irony of school closures due to the pandemic is that many children will learn far more this spring than they could have at school, because WEEKS of instruction are sacrificed for standardized testing at this time of year.

When the crisis has passed, it will not be because physicians knew some good strategies for choosing the best of four multiple-choice answers to a question. Curious inquirers, strong readers, critical thinkers, good problem-solvers, and creative thinkers will deserve our thanks.

As states consider scrapping this year’s standardized tests, I hope they’ll be scrapped forever, and educators will, once again, use classroom-based, project, performance, and portfolio assessments to assess student growth over time.


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