Corona Haiku #2 2020

Posted on May 4, 2020



Why should we wear masks?

They prevent our sneezes from

harming our neighbors.



Not wearing a mask

demonstrates crass disregard

for fellow humans.



Those who refuse masks

can spread the virus around–

how reckless is that?



We must prepare for

a second wave brought to us

by “freedom” “protests.”



Storming the State House,

angry, armed, white terrorists

threaten lawmakers.



Unmasked, they scream hate

in the faces of police.

Their breath may bring death.



How is this legal?

Threatening the governor

should land them in jail.



Claiming god’s favor,

they claim the right to murder:

they want a HAIRCUT!


#StayHome #StaySafe

#StayHuman #AllMyRelations #OneLove

As a Michigander, I am utterly disgusted at the behavior of the white terrorists who have been forcing their way into government buildings, endangering police, staff, elected officials, and the public with their ignorant publicity stunts. I wrote the poem above as I listened to On the Media’s segment, “Who’s Really Behind the Anti-Lockdown Protests?” on WUOM Saturday morning. The U-MI station addressed the question of why protesters weren’t arrested in this story.

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