Visual Literacy: Earthrise

Posted on May 19, 2020


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for Brad

On earth there are no borders.

It’s just a ball in space,

so I don’t fear or hate the ones

who wear a different face.

Every human being,

no matter when or where,

can trace the line to Africa

and find our mother there.

Ancient Mother Africa

to all humanity,

we are the branches, you’re the root;

the truth is plain to see.

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The earth is just a ball in space,

dependent on the sun–

the Mother to the human race–

and that means everyone.

The borders in the human mind

are totally unreal.

They segregate: “We’re us; they’re them…

It’s just the way I feel.”

But that’s a backward way to think;

it leads to war and hate.

It won’t bring peace or happiness;

it cannot make us great.

The truth is in a photograph:

the earth from outer space.

There are no borders on the earth:

we all must share this place.

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