World-Making Song

Posted on May 27, 2020


I’m here for the ritual.

I’m here to be cleansed.


Congas, bass, and violin sing.

A man’s chanting OM.

He says,

“Everybody OM.”


Everyone around me OMS.


I let the rhythms

reorganize me

on the inside.


Breath sweeps mind.

Groove sweeps soul.


China cymbal

drops a pebble

into the pond.

Ripples pass through me.

I breathe,

and I’m clean,

bathing in the water of spirit,

the water of life.


I sink down.

Water envelops me–

and darkness.


Earth Diver!

Show me how

to be a world-maker.


I’m going to do it

with this song.


Every breath,






is holy, holy, holy,

holy OM.


With OM we make a holy world,

a holy world of peace.

I wrote this poem at a Crazy Wisdom show. Muruga was the drummer. He’s an inspiration.

Whenever I play music, I, like an earth diver, go deep and create a holy world of peace with my bandmates.

Music is good medicine.

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