Alan Watts Again: Meditation

Posted on June 10, 2020


Last month I wrote about learning about meditation from Alan Watts in  “Death, Anxiety, & the Wisdom of Watts,”  where I wrote, “In his small tome, Alan Watts contrasts life (something) and death (nothing). By practicing meditation, and by meditating on his explanation of death as nothing, and, therefore, nothing to fear, I was able to dismantle the terror and anxiety that I had contracted, like a killer virus, from practicing Christianity.”

A few days later, I remembered that I owned a third book in the series, but I had taken it to a Mindfulness workshop, so it had been separated from the other two. The third book is Meditation, and it, too, was a great teacher for me. Since these books are long out of print, I want to share some of this little treasure here. Reading it again, I am delighted and grateful that I found these tiny books in a used book shop. I have learned so much from Alan Watts; his work, along with that of Thich Nhat Hahn, has definitely contributed to my mental and physical well-being for decades. Thank you, Alan.

Please enjoy selections from Meditation by Alan Watts below.

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I write a lot about the struggle for full civil and human rights for all in the USA. Engaging in social justice work is literally SICKENING. Meditation practice is an important tool in my self-care toolbox.  Meditation practice allows me to stay grounded and centered in the storm. It allows me to avoid burn-out.

Dear reader, remember to cultivate wellness through daily self-care practices. A few minutes a day can make a huge difference. To that end, let me end with the words of the Lovingkindness meditation:

May you be happy; may you be well;

may you be free from suffering; may you be at peace.

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