Thank You For Breaking White Silence

Posted on June 11, 2020


Dearly Beloved,

If you are a white person,

especially a former student,

especially an educator,

especially a former student who is an educator,

and you have decided recently

to join the chorus

of antiracist voices

who are crying out


for equality,

for dismantling white supremacy,

for ending police brutality,

for making laws, policies, and practices

that insure liberty and justice for ALL–

I want to thank you

for breaking your

white silence.


What now?


are cordially invited

to join me

in the practice

of everyday antiracism.


All it takes

is ONE

antiracist act each day–

buy & read a Black-authored book,

watch a talk by a Black expert in ANY field,

buy $omething from a Black-owned business,


$upport a local Black Lives Matter group,

participate in public events and actions,

buy and enjoy Black art: music, paintings, sculptures…

$upport or volunteer for a Black candidate’s campaign,

volunteer to register Black voters,

cast your vote for a Black candidate in an election,

write letters to the editor, to local officials,

to the local school board,

or make posts on social media–

to help dismantle white supremacy.



we ALL take ONE antiracist action each day,

we can transform

our minds, our language,

our families, and our communities.


All I want

is for you to

walk with me


toward FREEDOM

from white supremacy,

toward SAFETY

from police brutality,


liberty and justice for ALL.


Let’s go now.

Let’s walk in love.


Say it with me,

“Black Lives Matter.”


That’s right.

Thank you.

lisa eddy is a writer, researcher, educator, advocate,  musician, and gardener.

On Twitter: @lisa_eddy

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