When I Hear “Black on Black Crime”

Posted on June 12, 2020


Whenever I see or hear the phrase “Black on Black crime,” I think:

Ignorance or Purposeful Lie?

MOST crimes occur in homes and families: physical violence against a partner or child, emotional and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, rape, stalking, kidnapping, imprisonment, sex trafficking, child slavery, child labor, theft, property destruction, child neglect, child abandonment, murder, arson, drug trafficking…and beyond the home, most crimes occur in the community where both the perpetrator and the victim live.

We live, for the most part, in a racially segregated society in the USA. The victim and the perpetrator in the vast majority of crimes are almost ALWAYS from the same racial group.

Is the speaker ignorant of the reality of USA apartheid?

OR Is the speaker perpetuating this racist idea in order to dehumanize Black folks w/ this tiresome trope?

Here are some resources for anyone who may want counter this trope in discussions and for anyone who just knows it’s wrong, but doesn’t yet know enough about it to dismantle this racist idea in their own mind.

The Origins of the Phrase ‘Black-on-Black Crime’

It’s Misdirection

There’s No Such Thing

It’s a Dangerous Idea

It Contributes Inappropriate Policing of Black Communities

The Bureau of Justice Stats Blow Up White Supremacist Myths About Crime

It’s a Lie That Black Folks Don’t Care About Crime in the Community

Black Culture Isn’t the Problem – Systemic Inequality Is

It is my hope that today’s post will be a resource for people learning how to be an antiracist and a useful tool in the work of dismantling white supremacist language and racist ideas in community discourse.

Thanks for reading.

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