‘Rona Time & Harvest Time

Posted on July 30, 2020


Five months on ‘Rona Time, and a lot of us are wondering, “What day is it?”

With many normal activities outside the home cancelled, we’ve fallen out of our life’s rhythms; it’s difficult to keep track of time.

I feel an odd sense of waiting, expecting–but then I remember that we’re running on ‘Rona Time, and what I’m waiting for: community gatherings, jam sessions, festivals, a break in reports of infections, suffering, death–is a long way off.

How long? Nobody knows.

Un-moored from the fast-pace of our normal, overly-scheduled lives, some of us are becoming more attuned to nature’s rhythms, nature’s sense of time:

day, night, moon cycle, seasons.

As I realize that only one day of July remains, sadness seeps in; it’s the last month of summer. I remind myself:

Every moment is precious. This moment is precious. Take deep breaths.

What Time Is It?

I ask,

and the garden answers.


It’s Yellow Squash time

and Patty Pan time.

Carrot time, Cucumber time,

Zucchini Squash and Okra time.

It’s Tomato Time:

Sun Golds, Slicers, & Indigo Cherry Drops

fill bowl after bowl.

It’s Basil time, pesto time;


A time of Eggplant…Parmesan.


It’s Yellow Bean time!

It’s get yer shovel!

It’s tater-diggin’ time!


(It’s WAY past time for that asshole squirrel

to stop beheading the sunflowers!)


What time is it?

Lammas, Lughnasdh,

the first harvest season,

time to thank John Barleycorn:

for the season, he’s the reason.


What time is it?

It’s time to feel thankful;

it’s time to preserve

first fruits for the future:

at Yuletide to serve.


What time is it?

The time of the ‘Rona,

the time of the virus,

the time for the mask.

The time to do our part

for the Public Health “ask.”


This time feels different.

It’s never the same.


Sad, sad, the season

we learned ‘Rona’s name.



lisa eddy is a writer, researcher, educator, advocate,  musician, and gardener.

On Twitter: @lisa_eddy

On email: lisagay.eddy1@gmail.com