Lughnasadh Sunrise

Posted on August 3, 2020


It is said that the ancient Celts celebrated Lughnasadh–the first harvest holiday– on August 1. Lugh is the Celtic god of light and the male deity associated with the holiday; Grainne is the female deity.

I celebrated Lughnasadh by witnessing a breath-taking sunrise, baking bread to celebrate the grains, weeding the garden, and sleeping in the camper overnight.

I celebrate the Sun, the giver of life on earth, with the photos in the album below.

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August is bittersweet for me: the garden is producing food to harvest and process every day, but also, it’s the last month of summer. To make sure we remember what’s just around the corner, August arrives, cool, rainy, and gray. The few moments I captured in the photos were the entirety of sun for the weekend. Not unlike many of us in 2020, Lugh apparently feels like hiding right now.

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