The Value of An Education

Posted on August 5, 2020


How much value

does a diploma hold–

from an institution where

educators deny

the reality,

the severity,

the threat–

to our community

of the COVID19 pandemic?


Would I risk my child’s

life and health

to learn from


who pooh-pooh the pandemic?

to refuse to wear masks in public?

who insist on their right

to publish propaganda?

who publicly state that they don’t know how

to locate valid information

about a life-threatening disease?

who can’t be bothered

to read the science?

BUT who question the experts in epidemiology–

who graduated from the very universities

that their students hope to attend?


And speaking of colleges–

among the three local colleges,

Jackson College, Adrian College,

Siena Heights University

which is the local leader in publishing

the most up-to-date science and health


Which makes public health

the number ONE priority

with its re-opening plan?


Why should students

and parents


a teacher,

a high school,

a college,

a university–

that doesn’t embody

scientific inquiry,

evidence-based decisions

using the most recent data,


an unshakeable commitment

to public health–

to the well-being

of the Adrian community?


What is it,


that educational institutions

want us to learn

by risking human life

to open for in-person


only to close–

when the contagion

infects the school’s



Are we to believe

that Adrian’s educators

are privy to information

that the highly esteemed Dr. Fauci,

the CDC

and the WHO

are not???


Of what value

is a diploma awarded

by educators who

value ideology

over scientific inquiry?


value anything


public health?

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