Help For Local Online Learners

Posted on September 8, 2020


Since I left the classroom, I’ve been seeking new opportunities to work with readers, writers, and learners outside formal schooling. Listening to the radio one day, I learned that, “There’s a growing wave of parents that are building their own learning cooperatives. A handful of families pool their resources to form a ‘pandemic pod’ led by a parent, a tutor or even a private teacher.”

I thought: “Hey! That’s the kind of thing I used to do for students–before school, after school, during lunch, nights, and weekends as a public school teacher. I wonder if I can help some local students?”

I think I can, and I think my rates are reasonable. BUT if a student needs help and lacks funds, I can work with them to find a way, so contact me!

If you know any Lenawee County (MI) high school or college students who can use support navigating the world of online school during a global pandemic, let them know I’m here to help. Details follow.

The Peoples Pod with Coach lisa eddy

Join as an Individual, a Family, Friends, or Classmates 

Peoples Pod is an antiracist space where high school and college students taking classes online can find academic support and mentoring–as individuals, as a family, and/or as a small group of classmates.

Coach lisa eddy brings over 30 years of experience as a high school Language Arts teacher, youth leader, and camp counselor to the work. lisa has taught:

  • IB Literature; Grades 7-12 ELA; Writer’s Workshop; Independent Reading; World Mythology; Public Speaking; Drama; Theory of Knowledge (How We Know)
  • Antiracism 101 

Peoples Pod is a place where students can become empowered to not only understand their school assignments, but to examine the impacts that the ideas from the lessons have on their lives and our local community.

Services Available
  • Help with Academic assignments
  • Whole-Person Wellness coaching & support 
  • Local Real-Life Links to Lesson Themes
  • Interdisciplinary, antiracist, student-centered, LGBTQ-friendly 
  • Phone, online, in-person sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or by request
  • Rates $25/hr for 1; $30/hr for 2; $36 for 3; $40 for 4    

lisa eddy is a teacher & writer-for-hire, researcher, educator, advocate,  musician, and gardener.

On Twitter: @lisa_eddyOn