Equinox Balance & Color Tour

Posted on September 22, 2020


As Summer turns to Autumn at the Equinox, I am reflecting on balance in my life. One of the ways I maintain my balance is by having a relationship with the natural world.

One of my favorite ways to experience the natural world is by gardening. It gives me a great physical workout, and it’s FAR, FAR more therapeutic for me than any therapist I’ve worked with, mostly because it’s ALWAYS available, and it’s free!

When I taught high school English, one of the ways that I cared for my students was by incorporating outdoor experiences in class, and as homework, because so few students had access to mental health professionals, at school or at home.

I brought the knowledge and experiences from working at summer camps, where even children with severe symptoms are utterly transformed by a few days at camp, to my work in the classroom. What I found was that almost every student found that they felt better after being outside, even when they were absolutely determined to hate it.

I still smile to remember the young woman who was absolutely certain that there were ZERO good reasons for her to spend 30-60 minutes outside each week to complete assignments for English class–but who admitted, reluctantly, that she loved the writing project she had created from her observations of the natural world AND that her time outdoors did provide relief from stress.

I know that we always say, “Laughter is the best medicine,” but I’ve found that NATURE IS THE BEST MEDICINE. While we definitely don’t all share the same sense of humor, we ALL share the same Earth Mother, and she knows how to heal things we don’t even know how to describe–and things we aren’t even aware of in our conscious minds.

So, dear reader, put your shoes on, grab your notebook and get outside! If you feel like writing or sketching in your notebook, you might do that, or you might not write a word, because you’re just BEING.

If you can’t get outside just now, take a few minutes to enjoy the color tour in the slide show in the link below. It’s a tribute to Mr. Rainbow, Roy G Biv.

Fall Color Tour Slide Show

Be well, friend. Seek the balance. Go outside.

lisa eddy is a writer-for-hire, researcher, educator-for-hire, youth advocate,  musician, and gardener.

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