The Archive & The Library

Posted on October 5, 2020


If you’ve been reading Citizen Teacher for a while, you know that I have an Archive that holds all documents school-related and writing-related. Since retiring from the classroom in Spring 2019, I’ve been sorting, organizing, and purging, as I transition from classroom teacher to individual reader and writer. Unlike many people, I LOVE cleaning and organizing.

In fact, it is an important strategy for keeping my mental balance. The last few weeks have been full of stress and agony due to matters beyond my control. Creating order and purging excess allows me to sort out my inner turmoil, while giving me a way to burn nervous energy.

I’m really happy with my work in The Archive. With the exception of the small pile of artifacts in the corner in front of the crates, everything is sorted and filed in 57 crates. Whew!

The Archive, October, 2020

In the library, I’ve been sorting and purging. I now have around 20 bags of books in the breezeway that need to be re-homed. If you’re local, and you’d like some books, let me know when you’s like to come by and get some.

I love my library! In my latest effort, I’ve created a super-cozy space with books, comfy chairs, and a morning meditation station.

Yes, that is my Toyota seat; it’s super-comfy!
Calming jars at the Sunrise window

In a time of turmoil, I find peace in creating order and harmony in my home. While Marie Kondo is currently all the rage, I use the Henry David Thoreau mantra for cleaning: “Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

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