Christians at the Capitol

Posted on January 10, 2021


Good Sunday Morning, Freethinking Friends! Welcome to the Sunday Service.

I hope you are in good health and in good spirits on this fine day.

It was a beautiful sunrise.

It has been a difficult week. We’ve seen Christian Nationalists/White Supremacists/Nazis storm the U.S. Capitol to try to overturn the results of the presidential election. 45 has stoked the flames of rage that fuel the destructive power of these violent groups.

BUT he didn’t start the fire. I was in the evangelical Christian community in the early 1980s, when mainstream church congregations began terrorizing women going to their doctor’s appointments at Planned Parenthood Clinics by assembling a mob outside the clinic to shout obscenities and threats. In the early 1990s, one such group of terrorists swarmed me as I went to an appointment at PP in Ann Arbor. I’ll never forget their demonstrations of hate–or that they claimed to represent and serve the god of the Bible.

Far too many people are saying things like, “This is not who we are as a nation,” and “These terrorists are not REAL Christians.”

Yes. They. FUCKING are.

The Proud Boys are Christians, exactly like the KKK are Christians. If you doubt this claim, watch this video at about two minutes in, where you’ll see the PBs stop, assemble, and kneel to pray in Jesus’ name.

The Capitol terrorists carried Confederate flags, crosses and other symbols of Christianity, and Nazi flags. These are NOT different groups. They all worship the god of the Bible and demand that the rest of us join them.

How does this happen?

One of the ways it happens is by the silence of “good people.” When we don’t challenge our relative, friend, or co-worker who makes unfounded religious claims, we give the impression that we agree with them, and so, when they make unfounded factual claims about BIPOC folks, women, atheists, and social conditions, they know they can count on our silence, especially if they “support” their views with religious language.

Why are so many silent?

Because we’ve been terrorized by people who, like the god they worship, make threats against us, and we don’t want to deal with it.


People of conscience who care about American democracy, human rights, and civil rights MUST begin speaking with the people in our circles of influence about the role that Christianity plays in perpetuating white supremacist policies such as real estate redlining, racial profiling in policing, the school-to-prison pipeline, the mass incarceration of BIPOC Americans, anti-immigration legislation, the denial of body autonomy for women, and the de-funding and dismantling of public education.

We need to stop acting like religion is a personal choice upon which we have no right to comment. IF Christians believe nonsense, but keep it to themselves, I would agree, but Christians are working together to not only enact policies that harm the American people, but to overthrow the government.

Christianity, with its belief that one must believe that they are worthless and in need of “saving,” is anti-human and opens people up to authoritarian leaders. A human being comes fully equipped for all circumstances they will face in life; we do not need to worship a god or contribute to the oppression of others, no matter what eternal punishments they threaten.

The idea that a supernatural being has “chosen” a group of human beings or a President, so the rest of us need to bend to their rule, is anti-democratic and anti-American.

It’s time that we start calling out the harmful ideas that are being perpetuated by those around us. Christianity is not some harmless, “Ed Flanders-esque” social club. Christianity demands that “every knee will bow” to their god and their rulers–no matter how sweet their songs or tasty their casseroles.

Please educate yourself, start speaking up, defend democracy, defend humanity.

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