Happy Inauguration Day 2021!

Posted on January 20, 2021



It is with a huge sigh of relief that I say “good riddance” to 45 and welcome the Biden-Harris teams to the executive branch.

I am guardedly hopeful that the new administration will halt many of the destructive policies that have been unleashed, and I am happy AF that they know how to GOVERN.

“Government” is not evil. American democratic governments fall into the hands of tyrants because so few Americans participate. I hope that we can all clearly see where that gets us. Let us never forget that POTUS 45 was a result of ceding government to the hands of a few. If we forget, there’s a vast catalog of video that identifies all manner of corruption and crime by he and his gang.

When “W” was at the helm, I was certain that Americans would NEVER elect someone so harmful to our own people as him.

I remember sitting in my classroom with a small group of students from vulnerable communities the day after 45 was elected. The campaign season was brutal. Entitled White students for 45 brought all the targeting, bullying, and harassment that their Leader promoted to school–which all violates school anti-bullying policies, but policies are just words on paper when school personnel work on a “sticks and stones/words” mentality. During the campaign, 45’s fans had shouted, sneered, whispered, texted, and wore shirts proclaiming his greatest hits, until the students who sat in my room were paralyzed with shock, grief, and terror.

We all knew that it was going to be ugly, and that people we loved would be terrorized, tortured, and/or possibly killed. We knew that we were in for VERY DARK TIMES.

And we’ve suffered. We will continue to suffer from the unification of armed hate groups who came out of the shadows, went to government offices across the nation, terrorized people, committed violent crimes, and felt completely entitled to destroy property and create fear and distrust of democratic processes in the name of their Leader.

It’s a new day. I celebrate the Inauguration of POTUS Biden and VP Harris, and I’m happy to see many of the EOs that they’ve put forward. I will enjoy seeing the rightful return of the respect for their offices, a sense of responsibility to the common good, and a thorough working knowledge of the lawmaking and governing processes.

But in order for Americans to defeat fascism, we have to TRULY embrace democracy. Every person of conscience should be eyeing upcoming vacancies for elected offices on school boards, township/city/county government, state and federal level offices. THAT IS HOW the right wing, even though they are a MINORITY, got control of everything and took all the money! THAT IS HOW a coalition of white supremacists and Christian Nationalists became the ruling party. They created a process to locate candidates for all those offices and did the WORK to get them elected.

But the right wing does not OWN the process; that’s why they were so enraged, they stormed the Capitol. 45 forced us to be INDIVISIBLE and work together to elect candidates.

We celebrate today, but we cannot rest. The true work begins now.

I echo the oath that Freedom From Religion Foundation lawyer and author of The Founding Myth, Andrew Seidel, wrote this morning on Facebook:

Most of all, we can never forget that democracy is not a condition but a process. If we don’t participate or don’t pay attention—even for just a short while—we could lose it. Trump is gone. But just barely. He almost won and he almost seized power like the dictator he has always pretended to be. I solemnly swear that I will faithfully work to defeat every Christian Nationalist and Trump-supporting politician and diligently work to correct our courts, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Join me in that oath.

Let’s remain INDIVISIBLE and do the work of democracy, until we’ve achieved “liberty and justice FOR ALL.”

lisa eddy is a writer and editor for-hire, researcher, educator-for-hire, youth advocate,  musician, and gardener.On Twitter: @lisa_eddy
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