Birth and Rebirth, Round & Round

Posted on February 7, 2021


Good Sun Day Morning, Friends! 

It’s a gorgeous, glorious morning in the Mitten,

as seen from the window,

since it’s FOUR DEGREES outside!!


With a -1 “Real Feel.” No gods required. 

Today is a more personal post, a celebratory post, my BIRTHDAY post! Tomorrow is my birthday.

I was born! I’m alive, and I’m glad!

I want to thank my Eddy parents, my Vogan Grandparents, my Eddy Grandparents, all the ancestors, going back to the African continent, back to our common primate ancestor, back to Grandmother Fish, Tiktaalik, all the way back to Stromatolites, all the way back to the BIG BANG. Most of all, I thank Mother Earth and Father Sky that I was born! I’m alive, and I’m glad!

I also want to thank my elders and teachers for all they’ve taught me about HOW to live. 

Finally, I want to thank my family, my friends, and you, friend and reader, for showing me love, bringing me joy, making me laugh–for helping me make it through dark times, and joining me in celebrating the light. 


As I complete my fifty-seventh ride around the sun, I contemplate my arrival at a new stage of life: for the first time since 1983, I am not financially responsible for a single other human being. I was 19 when I became the breadwinner for my family, supporting my husband and infant by waiting tables at the 76 Truckstop on Baker Road in Dexter–eight weeks after giving birth to my child at home. 

For the last five years, I’ve had a goal of being debt free. 2021 is the year it will be. Ever since my children’s father left me with all the bills, even though I was a stay-at-home mother–to enable him to be a long-haul truck driver, like his dad and my own–I have struggled under the weight of debt. At 23, as a single mom with a high school education and no job, I was responsible to pay all the unpaid medical, utility, and credit card bills from the marriage, because, since he was never home, all the bills were in my name. 

So I did. And then there was college debt. And then there was my children’s college debt. And always, medical debt, always dental debt. And now, the end of that long road is in sight. Some time this year, I’ll reach a point where I’m not paying for the past, with interest. That’s an amazing birthday present (pun intended) I’m giving myself! I look forward to coming to know what it’s like to live without that constant, low level anxiety over money. 

In 2020, I gave birth to myself as a full-time writer, and, as I work on my own projects and coach and edit writer-clients, I continue to feel awe and amazement at the powers of language and human imagination. WOW. Being immersed in the creating process, my own and that of other writers–no gods required–allows me to experience the power, the mystery, and the magic of MIND. I am thankful for the gift of writing and my community of writers–the absolute best present! THANK YOU. 

Thank you for coming to my Birthday Party Post. I wish I could invite you to the house, feed you a feast, and play some tunes with you or for you, shake a tail feather together. BUT the gift that keeps on giving, coronavirus, is calling the shots these days, so that’s not a thing. 

But I am thankful for life, thankful for love, thankful for you. Happy my birthday. 

Celebrate with me in the Lovingkindness meditation:

May you be happy.

May you be well.

May you be free from suffering. 

May you be at peace. 

And this is a party, so Let’s Dance

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