April: Earth Spring Tax Poetry

Posted on April 11, 2021


Good Sunday Morning, Freethinkers!

I hope this post finds you are hale, hearty, and happy.

April is special for so many reasons: the arrival of spring, Poetry Month, and Earth Day, three of my favorites!

In celebration of all three, enjoy this poem from Mary Oliver:

May be an image of text

I love hearing the Frog Songs. I recently sat near a pond for a long time, just listening to the frogs, like the hero in one of my favorite Indigenous picture books, Frog Girl, by Paul Owen Lewis. I always remember Frog Girl’s lesson: the frogs are our relatives, and we must treat them as family.

While we may listen to frog songs in the local wetland, we don’t share space with Grizzly Bears in SE lower MI. To learn what that’s like, listen to this brief clip from Living On Earth, where “Montana-based writer Rick Bass shares the stories of playful grizzly bears coming out of hibernation as winter melts away into spring.”

April is also, traditionally, Tax month, and many of us will have a few extra dollars when our returns arrive. It would be a good time to honor the earth by donating to Nature Conservancy, Earth Guardians, or another worthy organization that focuses on caring for land. Earth is mother to all living beings, no gods required; that’s something to celebrate!

As you go forth godlessly into the next week, I hope you find peace, joy, and love. Be well, friends. Happy Spring!

lisa eddy is an atheist writer and editor for-hire, researcher, educator-for-hire, youth advocate, musician, and gardener.

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