The Fuzzy Horde That I Adore

Posted on June 9, 2021


I have something very exciting and very special to share in this space over the next few days! 

Bryanna Hoffman is a local animal rescuer, dog groomer, and writer who, at my request, has written a fantastic series of three posts about the animals with whom she shares her home, her life, and most of all, her heart. 

After being captivated by dozens of social media posts about her animals, I asked if she’d like to write a guest post for the blog. 

With that request, the floodgates opened, and Bry wrote this series. I am delighted to share it with you, dear reader! Enjoy! 

Part 1: Meet the Canines! 

I have never written a blog before, but the thought appealed to me, and I give thanks to lisa eddy for pushing me to write once again!

My name is Bryanna Hoffmann, I’m 21, and I have lots of goals and aspirations. I have always loved and been fond of animals, and knew I wanted to do something with animals for a living. I was an aspiring veterinarian, but I have discovered a new passion for grooming dogs. It’s an art form, and I truly love what I do. 

Besides being a dog groomer, I own LOTS of rescue animals of my own and have quite the eventful life with taking care of my fuzzy horde. Within this blog I will not be talking so much about me, but I will focus on my pets and the joy, sadness, excitement, and thrill they bring me, day in and day out! 

Meet my critters in this slideshow!

Find Bryanna’s Dog Grooming Page here. 

Meet the Canines

Casper is a 2 year old, 175 pound, Great Pyrenees that I purchased as a pup from a small farm in the middle of Vestaburg Michigan. Little did I know that this tiny pup would grow into a massive beast and change the lives of many.  Casper is the great protector of my family, my livestock–and his squeaky toys. 

When Casper was a small puppy, guarding things came easy to him. He took to guarding livestock on a whim. By the time he was 6 months old and a whopping 80 pounds, he was living with my goats and barking all hours of the night to ward away the creepy crawlers that hid in the dark abyss beyond the safety of the barn and fence. There have been many sleepless nights of him chasing down raccoons and butterflies to keep his livestock safe. He loves his goat friends as much as he loves me. Although he is a fierce protector, he is also a very kind and mellow-natured gentleman. He enjoys long walks with my 5-year-old niece and the occasional trip to the nursing home to lay his head in the lap of someone much wiser than I.  

Casper has taught me so many lessons in the short time that I have had him.

Lesson One:  Thunder is not scary but something loud and fun to chase! Casper LOVES thunderstorms and if he gets the chance, he will run wild through the fields with his head held high, barking and jumping towards the sky to get the loud monster in the clouds. 

Lesson Two. Do NOT let him loose during the day. This is a game to him. He won’t come back. He will frolic through the ditches and weeds and always keep a six foot distance from me. Once he is tired, he will come home–muddy, covered in burrs, and somehow having found a snack along the way. 

Lesson Three. Always make time for food. Casper is super food-motivated and will get in anyone’s car if they yell, “Do you want to go to McDonald’s”? 

Casper has jumped in strangers’ vehicles because they had McDonald’s…  

Casper has also helped himself to food on the table. He has eaten an entire pizza by himself and he was pretty proud of it, too. 

Overall, Casper is the most loving and sweet dog that I have ever owned. Even though he takes five hours to groom, despises trucks for no good reason, and likes to pretend he’s deaf when he gets off leash, I would not trade him for the world. 


Waylon is a 1-year-old rescue Aussie that I got from a small farm. Waylon came to me unsocialized and unwanted. Over the course of a few month,s he has bloomed into the dog that will cuddle for hours and tinkle on your feet from excitement. 

Waylon has always come when called and is always excited to greet me. He is still very timid with new people, but he has bonded with me. 

Waylon’s hobbies include chasing the goats, chasing the cats, chasing the horses, snacking on horse poop, jumping in my car when he’s all muddy, swimming in the creek, and picking through the trash. 

Every morning Waylon wakes me up with a big old kiss on the cheek, and beats me to the door to be let outside. He then enjoys a nice pre-breakfast snack of horse droppings and washes it down with dirty puddle water. He then barks and herds up the ducks and chickens for no reason at all besides the fact that they move and they are very fun to chase. Then he comes inside, helps himself to the treat jar, and settles in his crate to enjoy  it. 

Waylon is a typical Aussie who chooses one person to bond with and has an endless amount of energy and plenty of brains. He is smart. Too smart for his own good. Waylon has learned how to open cabinets, drawers, chip bags, and has learned to climb fences. 

Overall, he is still teaching me many things. One lesson I’ve learned is that Aussies never get tired. Waylon never stops surprising me.

Ryker (honorable mention)

Ryker is not my dog but he is Waylon’s brother. Ryker has a similar personality to Waylon. He’s very anxious to meet new people, but he’s very loving to those he deems worthy. He’s too loving in fact. His favorite pastime is to snack on horse poop then climb on the couch and lick someone’s face, which usually (sadly) happens to be mine. 

Hank (honorable mention)

Hank is my brother’s 6-month-old Beagle puppy that lives at my house more than his, so I thought it was only fair to include him! Hank loves to eat horse poop, dog hair, rotten eggs, goat poop, cat poop, and trash. Hank is a very sweet boy who howls all day, every day, and loves to annoy my other doggies but we love him anyways! 

End of Part 1

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of The Fuzzy Horde I Adore: Equine, Bovine, & Caprine and the next day for Part 3  of The Fuzzy Horde I Adore:  Piggies, Chickens, Ducks, and Kittens

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