How To Remember the Beloved Dead

Posted on October 12, 2021


Space: The Altar

Create a space

for the beloved dead:

visit them regularly.

Meet in your head.

Time: Be Mindful of Significant Dates

November 22 marks 1-year since sister Karen’s death.

December 21 is the 1-year mark since sister Sheree’s death.

Celebrate birth days, their favorite holidays.

My sisters LOVED Halloween!

They always went all in on Spooky Season.

Practice Remembering

Mom loved Petunias.

Every summer she brought

home several flats

for us kids to plant

in the flower beds

between the driveway

and the house.

Since she died,

I plant one flat of Petunias

in the Garden of Eddy

every summer

in remembrance of Mom.

From the window where I’m writing

I can see the last few fuchsia flowers of the season

hiding among the yellow and orange Nasturtiums.

lisa eddy is a writer and editor for-hire, researcher, educator-for-hire, youth advocate, musician, and gardener.

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