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Christians at the Capitol

January 10, 2021


Please educate yourself, start speaking up. Defend democracy, defend humanity.

#Why I Teach: Notes from Alumni

November 18, 2020


I am grateful to know what has become of seeds I planted.

How Does Race Affect Mobility in the USA?

October 21, 2020


I started reading Driving While Black by Gretchen Sorin the other day...

Join the 21-Day Equity Challenge

October 6, 2020


"We believe in a community free of discrimination and free of harassment."

Racism Revealed in “Multiculturalism”

September 17, 2020


A closer look at the way a principal twists "multiculturalism" to deny student rights.

Leave Me My Name!!

September 16, 2020


A student's right to their name and identity should always be protected.

When Racism Hides in Multiculturalism

September 15, 2020


I was set up to support a white supremacist policy early in my teaching career.

Black Lives Matter @ School

September 14, 2020


How do we make a sound? How do we break the silence?

Help For Local Online Learners

September 8, 2020


I'm here to help Lenawee County high school or college students who can use support navigating online school.

Antiracist Book Club: Looking for Lorraine

September 4, 2020


Antiracist Book Club Pick: Looking for Lorraine by Imani Perry