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Mindfulness for Teachers: An Interview with Kris Gedeon

September 30, 2018


For four years now, I’ve been teaching mindfulness meditation and other self-care practices to my high school students. As a teacher researcher, I’ve shared my story and my research with colleagues at our regular, monthly meetings of the Eastern MI Writing Project Teacher Research group, and in professional development workshops for educators at Inside Out […]

Caring For the Concussed in the Classroom

August 14, 2018


“My dome doesn’t need that anymore, honestly,” he said. “It did me in.” I just read this beautifully written story about a college football player: ‘Like you just have no brain after the game.’ Inside a UNC lineman’s concussion ordeal. by Andrew Carter ( Having experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI), this story was difficult […]

Mindful Eating Part 2

August 9, 2018


In a previous blog, I discussed how I came to adopt “intermittent fasting” as a way to cut calories by limiting the time I allow myself to eat in order to shed some pounds. By being mindful of my own body’s hunger signals rather than eating 3 times per day, I have begun to lose […]

Mindful Eating

August 6, 2018


“Training your mind to be in the present moment is the #1 key to making healthier choices.” – Susan Albers A couple of years ago, my doctor suggested that I lose some weight. My sister, my cousin, and I commiserated at the family picnic that August, as we had all received the same message, like […]

Planting Peace Through Mindfulness Practices

July 12, 2018


Teacher Research: Mindfulness Artifact Survey July 2018 Today I’m going to take the first pass at artifact analysis. I’ll examine the collection of items before me, in physical form in a crate with hanging files, and in a number of open tabs in my web browser at the top of the screen, and I’ll think […]

Self-Care & Self-Improvement

July 2, 2018


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Responding To A Frequently-Asked Question About Teen Behavior

April 28, 2018


I address a negative stereotype about teen behavior in this blog. As a teacher at a public high school, I often get asked in casual conversation, “Are high school students really getting worse and worse as time goes by, like I hear in the media?” The people who ask use a certain tone in their […]