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For Hesitant Poets

April 27, 2020


With words like Legos, words like clay, let’s shape ourselves some poems today! 

Remembering Manu Dibango

March 27, 2020


"When you're gone, it's finished." -Manu Dibango

Antiracism in The Archive

February 4, 2020


I heard bell hooks give a speech in which she implored listeners to "decolonize our minds."

Finding Old Friends in the Archive

January 31, 2020


I've finally finished organizing The Archive!!!

Identity Erasure

January 30, 2020


“Come out! Come out, whoever you are! Closets are for clothes! Be proud of who you are!” In my classroom, every. single. student. was guaranteed, through policy, protocol, and advocacy, their right to free and full expression of their identity, no matter what. It wasn’t true everywhere at school. I remember how one principal tried […]

Why “Ms”?

January 29, 2020


One of the most annoying aspects of being a teacher is constantly being called out of my name. No, I don’t mean when a student loses their temper and goes off using profane phrases. I mean when students and colleagues insist on calling me “Miss” eddy, or, worse yet, when a principal shortened my first […]

Shoe Box Speech 1990

January 28, 2020


For my very FIRST time (ever!) addressing a group of students as a Language Arts teacher, I gave this speech...

Ethics Explorations & Deep Conversations

January 24, 2020


I am surprised. I could open up to you. I love your stories.

Smile, Baby!

January 22, 2020


Females are expected to appear more friendly and happy than males are in public situations. This expectation is unfair, nonsensical, and certainly worth discussing...

Varsity Jackets and Fight Songs

January 21, 2020


At sixteen, though, I wasn’t ready to take on the powerful men who ran our school over a school fight song...