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Seeing Whiteness In School

August 17, 2019


For the past eight months, I’ve been working on a research project. As an anti-racist teacher, I wanted to learn first-hand about the school experiences of my students of color. To find out some answers to this question, I interviewed a few dozen former students of color on the question, “How would you say whiteness–whatever […]

I’ll Never Eat Ice Cream Again

July 24, 2019


I'm losing weight for health reasons, but I am not sacrificing the pleasure of food.

Mindful Eating #4: One Year Later

July 5, 2019


In my last post about my journey to a healthy weight, I said: “Going forward, I’m going to try to continue to lose 1-2 pounds per week. I’m weighing myself every other week now. My goal weight seems about 9-12 weeks away. I’m going to be firm but gentle with myself, and I’m going to […]

I Got A Round Tu-it!

June 19, 2019


I am enjoying having the time to get to a lot of projects that would get done, “when I get around to it,” and that time has come! Along with gardening and other yard work, I’ve been getting around to making my drum station more user-friendly. I’m delighted with the way a few nails and […]

say good-bye, ms. eddy

June 10, 2019


10 June 2019 Tomorrow’s the day when my students will take their final final exams and my colleagues will finish their grading, then clean and organize their classrooms for summer break. It’s the end of the school year! Woohoo! For me, though, it’s a different kind of ending. It’s the end of my 25th year […]

Making Musical History

April 16, 2019


March 16, 2019 was a very special day for me. In fact, a historic day. It was on that day that I played a concert that was over a decade in the making. How so? I’ve been playing music with Nick Ford (former Drama student, class of 1997) for around 15 years. Likewise, Anthony Emery […]

After the MI Reading Association Conference Workshop 3/9/2019

March 10, 2019


Yesterday I presented on “Mindfulness and the Self-Care Toolbox” at the MI Reading Association conference in Grand Rapids, MI. Even though my room was a 7-minute walk from Registration, a lovely group of participants made the trek. Teachers know that they and their students are stressed and need strategies for self-care. As usual, I had […]