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Secular Citizenship: Good Trouble

October 11, 2020


As the national election nears, we can reflect on the roles we play as secular citizens

Gender Equity @ School?

October 8, 2020


How did gender shape your school experience?

Mindfulness & Equity

October 7, 2020


As part of my healing ceremony, I look at places where traumas occurred, focusing on beauty and renewal.

Join the 21-Day Equity Challenge

October 6, 2020


"We believe in a community free of discrimination and free of harassment."

Guest Post: Lauren Carlton on Banned Books Week

October 5, 2020


Most of these books have been banned because they contain an LGBTQ character, references to mental illness, violence, a religious viewpoint, racism, or sex education.

Fireworks For Freedom: A Memoir in Verse (4)

October 2, 2020


The final installment of my verse memoir.

Anti-Equality Directive

September 23, 2020


I was directed to "never again define 'feminism' as 'gender equality" in the ELA classroom.

APS Sexual Harassment Policy 2020-21

September 18, 2020


Adrian Public School Board is reviewing the district's sexual harassment policy...

Racism Revealed in “Multiculturalism”

September 17, 2020


A closer look at the way a principal twists "multiculturalism" to deny student rights.

Leave Me My Name!!

September 16, 2020


A student's right to their name and identity should always be protected.