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Honoring Hazel Scott

February 26, 2021


In honor of Hazel Scott, whose name should be as well-known as Billie's and Ella's.

The ABCs of Black History

February 1, 2021


I've created a calendar as an offering of resources to learn and celebrate Black History.

When Racism Hides in Multiculturalism

September 15, 2020


I was set up to support a white supremacist policy early in my teaching career.

Black Lives Matter @ School

September 14, 2020


How do we make a sound? How do we break the silence?

a radically subversive political gesture

July 17, 2020


The task of making homeplace is the construction of a safe place.

READ Stamped by Kendi & Reynolds

June 16, 2020


We have the power to imagine and create a new context of antiracism.

Reflections on BLM Protest March 6/14/20

June 15, 2020


Protesters were unified in the demand for justice for victims and an end to police brutality.

Reflections on the Peaceful Rally and March In Support of Black Lives 6/7/20

June 8, 2020


Did I attend a "Rally for Black Lives"?

Antiracist Ally Actions: Protest & Beyond

June 1, 2020


I am glad to say that I took part in a local protest on Saturday, calling for justice for George Floyd and an end to police brutality. It was a beautiful thing to stand together with family, friends, and community members who are all united in our desire for “liberty and justice for ALL.” People […]

The Students’ Right to Language

February 24, 2020


African American Vernacular English is not only a rich and sophisticated language, it is the MOST influential in shaping contemporary spoken American English.