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Christianity’s Media Makeover

January 31, 2021


The Christian Nationalists have had the mainstream media mic for the last five years.

Parenting for Inoculation Against Indoctrination

January 29, 2021


It is NOT easy to protect one's children from toxic, dehumanizing, religious ideas.

The Bible: What Is It?

January 17, 2021


What is the Hebrew Bible (OT) doing?

A Pathway Out of Indoctrination

January 14, 2021


I realized that I love learning about religion.

Christians at the Capitol

January 10, 2021


Please educate yourself, start speaking up. Defend democracy, defend humanity.

Who Is An Atheist? You Are!

October 19, 2020


YOU are an atheist, no matter who you are.

Back to School with Evangelical Jesus

September 6, 2020


Evangelical Jesus visits Treehouse High to share His '20-'21 Demands of Disciples.

A Win, Win Week for Once

June 21, 2020


Heathens around the nation are celebrating two legal victories in the courts.

By The Window: Looking In On Religion

June 7, 2020


This post is the first of my new Sunday series, "By the Window," a look at religion from the OUTSIDE.

10 Reasons Why I’m Not a Christian

May 21, 2020


My passion for study made me aware of the BAD IDEAS upon which the religion stands...