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Educate to Empower

December 2, 2020


"Education is not preparation for life but is life itself.” -John Dewey

Teachers Can Make Every Day Indigenous People’s Day

October 13, 2019


What can we do to reclaim our original worldview? What can we do to help today’s Indigenous peoples with their struggles to protect their land, language and sovereignty?"

Mindfulness & the Self-Care Toolbox

October 20, 2018


We're doing this so we can calm down and learn better.

After the Mindfulness Workshop: Some Resources to Share

August 14, 2017


I recently gave a workshop on Mindfulness in the Classroom. I’m writing this blog to share resources with the workshop participants–and anyone else who is interested in mindfulness practices. First of all, I want to thank Inside Out Literary Arts Project, especially Suma, Kristine, Alise, and Lia for inviting me to share my work on […]

Weaving Together Writer’s Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, and Land Ethic in ELA9

July 10, 2017


10 July 2017 I am really excited about the new school year now. I’ve recently returned from Baraboo, Wisconsin, where I attended the second Building A Land Ethic Conference hosted by the Aldo Leopold Foundation, and I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate the idea of Land Ethic in the ELA9 course. Now that I’ve […]

Mythic Transformation Through Dramatic Play

March 26, 2017


It is inevitable. As soon as the applause ends, I’ll hear an excited teen voice shout, “ms. eddy, when do we get to do skits again?”

Book Review of The Mindful Teen by Dzung X. Vo, MD

January 31, 2017


Mindfulness practices help my students cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, & self-control, which in turn help them be more successful academically and socially, so that we may truly be a caring circle of friends.

Mindfulness in Context: English Language Arts

January 29, 2017


The core practice is simply focused deep breathing.

Mindful Medicine

September 24, 2016


I reflect on the possibility that by using mindfulness practices, my students might change their minds and change their lives--and that more doctors might save more lives.

Writing Workshop in ELA9

May 21, 2016


I’m BACK! It has been a tough spring. The death of former student/GSA President, Saje Nieto, in February and the the death of my mom, Vera Eddy, in March has made it nearly impossible for me to write. ANY energy I have had for writing has been put into writing and revising a professional article […]