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Learning & Land Ethic: Leopold Education Project at U-M Dearborn

November 11, 2017


I met Dr. Gail Luera, Associate Professor of Science Education at UM-Dearborn, at the 2017 Building a Land Ethic Conference in Baraboo, WI, a bi-annual event hosted by the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Realizing we both lived in SE Michigan, we exchanged email addresses and resolved to stay in touch. After the conference I contacted Gail […]

Weaving Together Writer’s Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, and Land Ethic in ELA9

July 10, 2017


10 July 2017 I am really excited about the new school year now. I’ve recently returned from Baraboo, Wisconsin, where I attended the second Building A Land Ethic Conference hosted by the Aldo Leopold Foundation, and I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate the idea of Land Ethic in the ELA9 course. Now that I’ve […]

All-School Interdisciplinary Unit: Why Land Ethic?

January 3, 2016


Having worked at camps and known the intense learning, growth, creativity, and relationships that are cultivated there, I have always wanted my classroom to be as much like Camp as possible.

All My Refugee Relations

November 22, 2015


Whoever you are, wherever you were born, I ask you to join me in this work. I thank you for working beside me.

A Brief History of My Teacher Research: 1994-2015

September 22, 2015


I am a teacher researcher. What that means is that each year, I formulate a research question and go about observing, making field notes, reading the research, interviewing people, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and going public with my work in my classroom, in my school district, in my community, and/or in my professional community. Over […]

Answering The Question: “What the [bleep] does American Literature have to do with nature?!?!”

August 18, 2015


From 1999 until 2012, I used an interdisciplinary approach in my ELA 11 classes in which students  blended information they gathered by taking field notes outdoors with research they did into genres they wanted to write–to create original, powerful, multi-genre compositions, complete with original artwork and annotated bibliography.  Since I wrote this piece, Adrian High […]