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Antiracist Adrian History

June 3, 2020


Did you know that there's a whole book that focuses on the school experiences of Latinx students at AHS?

Educators Against Academic Excellence? Part 3

February 27, 2020


The situation was heart-breaking; for me, it will always be so. 

Educators Against Academic Excellence?

February 25, 2020


Why would it be desirable to see a young person begin engaging in college scholarship but undesirable for a teacher to continue engaging in university-based scholarship throughout their career? 

Antiracism in The Archive

February 4, 2020


I heard bell hooks give a speech in which she implored listeners to "decolonize our minds."

Unraveling Racism @ Norwest Gallery

January 20, 2020


I am grateful to every member of the audience who has made the time to listen to the voices of these students, who have shared their stories so that eyes and hearts might be opened-- and so that the experiences of current and future students might be better.

How To Read a Book by Kwame Alexander

January 14, 2020


With this book, Kwame Alexander sets the tone that I want to convey to young people about reading: it's an adventure; it's full of surprises; and it brings great pleasure.

Celebrating Myself Like Walt Whitman

January 10, 2020


I was 30 and had just attempted suicide when my therapist helped me realize that my parents were never really going to be interested in me, let alone impressed w/ my achievements–that my achievements were mine and that I could enjoy them even if nobody else cared. (29 November 2019) The statement above is a […]

Haunted by The Mockingbird

January 7, 2020


My students had gone to the assistant principal to complain “about that racist White lady making us read that racist book.”

Assessing Independent Reading

December 30, 2018


In my last post, I discussed what I learned from spending time reading in the ways I ask my students to read for my classes. As I was writing, I began thinking about the ways I assess independent reading, so here’s a follow-up post about assessment. First of all, what am I assessing? I am […]

Saying “NO!” to Dehumanization With Face-to-Face Conversation

November 3, 2018


Lately, I have been feeling a vague angst over the way that tech giants have taken over education in ways that harm students and society. A question has lurked in the shadows of my consciousness. What can I, a classroom teacher, do in the face of this Grendel? How can I slay this monster? I […]