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Parents Behaving Badly: Censorship

May 22, 2020


Parents who tried to censor texts in IB courses seemed to reject the central tenets of the program.

Death, Anxiety, & the Wisdom of Watts

May 14, 2020


After about a year of practicing the faith, anxiety, depression, nightmares, and night terrors became my nightly reality.

Learning How To Die

May 13, 2020


I think about death a lot, but as an atheist, a teacher, and a researcher, thinking about, learning about, and writing about the subject consumes part of nearly every day.

When AR Means Anti-Reading

May 8, 2020


I remember how formal education nearly extinguished my child's love for reading with the "reading for points" program.

Bible Study w/ Ruth H. Green

April 28, 2020


Ruth Hurmence Green is the author of The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible.

Bible Study w/ Valerie Tarico

April 23, 2020


The Bible ethic governing male-female relationships is not a “Rights” ethic.

The Immune System v. COVID19

April 17, 2020


Note: Day Drinking is NOT an immune booster...