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“European Airs Coming From a Black Face”

July 13, 2021


Roland's story leaves me breathless, especially the account of the night he stood face-to-face with an audience of hateful Nazis...

Meet Maggie Roback, Local Filmmaker

May 28, 2021


Meet Lenawee County filmmaker, Maggie Roback

Dr. Oliver Sacks: American Masters Biopic

April 23, 2021


There's a great new biopic out on Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Four Twenty Fun: Dance Party Playlist

April 20, 2021


It's a holiday, and the dance floor is open!

Mardi Gras Indian Culture

March 10, 2021


I am excited about learning about the history, culture, and traditions of Mardi Gras Indians.

Honoring Hazel Scott

February 26, 2021


In honor of Hazel Scott, whose name should be as well-known as Billie's and Ella's.

In Loving Memory: Johnny Clegg

February 2, 2021


In appreciation of Johnny Clegg, musician and SA freedom fighter.

My Main Meds: Music & Movement

September 2, 2020


Oliver Sacks' work with "frozen" Parkinson's patients showed how music can free a body and increase fluidity and rhythm of movement...

Scattered and Blue, Troubled In Mind

July 28, 2020


I struggle for words, for an idea.

Music Medicine; Mindful Monday

July 6, 2020


Work is a good stress reliever, but I also need moments of respite, the calm in the storm.