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Dr. Oliver Sacks: American Masters Biopic

April 23, 2021


There's a great new biopic out on Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Four Twenty Fun: Dance Party Playlist

April 20, 2021


It's a holiday, and the dance floor is open!

Mardi Gras Indian Culture

March 10, 2021


I am excited about learning about the history, culture, and traditions of Mardi Gras Indians.

Honoring Hazel Scott

February 26, 2021


In honor of Hazel Scott, whose name should be as well-known as Billie's and Ella's.

In Loving Memory: Johnny Clegg

February 2, 2021


In appreciation of Johnny Clegg, musician and SA freedom fighter.

My Main Meds: Music & Movement

September 2, 2020


Oliver Sacks' work with "frozen" Parkinson's patients showed how music can free a body and increase fluidity and rhythm of movement...

Scattered and Blue, Troubled In Mind

July 28, 2020


I struggle for words, for an idea.

Music Medicine; Mindful Monday

July 6, 2020


Work is a good stress reliever, but I also need moments of respite, the calm in the storm.

Freedom Songs for Independence Day

July 3, 2020


The American soul cries out for freedom.

Yeppers, You Know Yip!

June 28, 2020


Good Sunday Morning, Freethinking Friends! Welcome to the Sunday Service! Today I’d like to focus on an old, faithless friend… You might not know that you know him, but you do know Yip Harburg. Today’s inspirational text comes from the mind of the man who put the rainbow in Oz. He wrote, “Brother Can You […]