Reaching Out, Giving Hope: Mentoring Across the Generations

August 7, 2015


A few months ago, I started seeing teachers posting anecdotes online under the title, “Evaluate This!” in response to the current practice of evaluating teachers, even those who don’t teach in tested subjects, on the standardized (English and Math) test scores of students. Teachers and students are so much more than data points, and test […]

Back to the Roots: A Tribute to Cathy Fleischer, PhD.

July 19, 2015


There is one teacher in my life who has played a tremendous role in my education, for she has been my teacher for over 20 years. When I was an undergrad in English Education at Eastern Michigan University, I had the great good fortune to have been scheduled into an English Methods class taught by […]

This Is Our Story: The Maples of A125

July 19, 2015


June 2014 It’s 12:35 on my 3rd day of summer break. I’m at school. I’m interviewing students, listening, trying to find out what kind of experiences they’ve had in my classroom, looking back at twenty years of teaching Adrian Maples. I’ve decided to start writing about it–a memoir–in parts–on a blog. I am so happy […]

Atheist Prayers for The People

January 15, 2021


May my words be Good Medicine.

A Pathway Out of Indoctrination

January 14, 2021


I realized that I love learning about religion.

Unpopular Opinion: Protect Public Health?

January 12, 2021


We enable religious leaders in harming the community with our silent consent.

Christians at the Capitol

January 10, 2021


Please educate yourself, start speaking up. Defend democracy, defend humanity.

Stupid & Clumsy From Grief

January 8, 2021


"We have to find the balance that allows us each to contribute to the community--while preserving our health..."

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“If Diets Worked, We’d All Be Thin!”

January 4, 2021


"If diets worked, we'd all be thin!" --Sandra Aamodt

Sheree’s Last Hug

December 29, 2020


I didn't know it was goodbye.

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Grief Without God

December 23, 2020


Grief is a process, but not linear.

Self on the Shelf

December 20, 2020


Something strange is afoot on the book shelf!

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About That Melania Meme

December 17, 2020


"Fighting" misogyny with misogyny? WTF?