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Visual Literacy: Earthrise

May 19, 2020


The truth is in a photograph: the earth from outer space.

Rainy Day Ramble in 4 Photos

May 18, 2020


"Each moment of the year has its own beauty,"

Citizen Eater

May 6, 2020


A few years ago, I had a number of Lunch Buddies–high school students who ate lunch in my classroom–who deemed my vegetarian diet “twigs and branches.” After a few months of lunching together, graduation open house season was (so suddenly, it seemed!) upon us. I have the loveliest memory of one, in particular… The student […]

In Honor of Our Earth Mother

April 22, 2020


I was in kindergarten for the first Earth Day ever, and it had a huge impact on my consciousness. 

A “People” Is From A Place

April 8, 2020


It's all connected. How can we expect students to care about life on earth enough to help the human species survive if we teach them that nature is irrelevant for their lives?

Gardening: I Dig It, I Diggedy-Do

March 31, 2020


A glance at the garden can cause a bouquet of questions to bloom, or trigger a giant list of jobs.

CoVictory Garden 2020

March 23, 2020


Grow food, not lawns!