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Parents Behaving Badly: Censorship

May 22, 2020


Parents who tried to censor texts in IB courses seemed to reject the central tenets of the program.

Youth Narratives Matter

May 20, 2020


I pledge to be intentional in my words when I speak to or about young people.

Visual Literacy: Earthrise

May 19, 2020


The truth is in a photograph: the earth from outer space.

Ask Where I’m A Local 

May 15, 2020


History is real. Cultures are real,  but countries are invented.

Microaggression Response Plan

April 13, 2020


A found poem about how to respond to microaggressions.

Meet Myriam Gurba, Chicana Advocate

March 12, 2020


"The students believed that their complaints weren’t being treated with sufficient gravitas, and they brought their complaints to the public."

Terminate the Terminal Narrative Now

March 9, 2020


Students are graduating from high school without even basic knowledge of contemporary Native challenges or culture.